At UE Beauty, we only use high-end, ammonia free hair color for all our hair coloring services, which include root touch up, global colouring, streaking, block colouring and creative colouring.


Hair spa is a healthy indulgence that exfoliates your hair, stimulates your scalp and promotes hair growth. A hair spa treatment is the best solution for dry, frizzy hair. It also relaxes your body and relieves stress. Thats the best part about hair spa!


Powder based hair colour and commercially available henna has metal particles(lead) in it which causes serious health problems if used long term. UE only uses professional hair colours which have safe ingredients supported by millions of dollars in R&D, our staffs are trained with the science and art of professional colouring. Have fun with colours.

A well maintained and healthy hair is yearned by one and all. While, most of us take every effort to look great,hair care is often forgotten and this leads to dull and damaged hair. In such circumastances, haiir spa treatment can be the perfect solution for nourishing and rejuvenating your tresses.

HAIR STRAIGHTENING At UE Beauty, Our hairstylists will ensure you get a damage-free hair straightening treatment because at UE Beauty we only use safe and internationally tested brands such as Wella, Schwarzkopf and L,Oreal. So opt for our hair smoothening service and keep your hair and yourself worry-free.

Our range of hair treatments will help you keep your hair free of pollution, dust or other impurities. At UE Beauty, you can expect only the best hair treatment for your tresses. Our hair treatments are designed to tackle pollution, dust and other impurities, leaving your hair healthy and glowing.


A face cleanup is important to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and glowing! UE Beauty offers a face cleanup for every skin type – be it oily, normal, dry, combination or acne prone. The relaxing massage strokes during a face cleanup nourish your skin from deep within, relieving stress.

Regular facial massage increase the elasticit in your skin which in turn increase blood flow to he face which results in natural glow. A facial is the best way flow to keep skin out of the ill effects of pollution like pre mature aging, tan and under eye dark circles. UE staffs are trained professionally on various massage strok which takes care of your individual skin condition along with internationally well facial products.

UE Beauty parlour’s skincare professionals bleach your face using techniques that do not damage, harm or change the texture of your skin. A face bleaching done at UE Beauty beauty parlour leaves you with skin that’s fairer, fresher and flawless!

A facial mask is a beauty and cleansing treatment that is designed to tackle specific problems. A facial mask deep cleans and brightens your skin as well as heals acne scars and hyper-pigmentation. A facial mask treatment at UE Beauty will relativize your skin, leaving you refreshed!


The BODY SPA is a balancing and holistic therapy.It helps to rejuvenate the mind and body, benefiting your psychological well being. This therapy simulates blood circulation,release muscle tension and stress knots.

UE Beauty offers 3 special manicures – Spa Manicure, Radiant Manicure and Intense Moisturising Manicure. The Spa Manicure is a herbal manicure that uses only organic products. This manicure helps you de-stress by releasing the tension from your nerves.

At UE Beauty, we believe that to be beautiful outside, you should start from the core. Reflexology helps keep you healthy from within, which reflects on your skin. Our reflexologists apply pressure to your feet and hands using specific techniques without applying oil or lotion. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and energised!

An averge person takes 3000-5000 steps a day hence feet is the most stressed part of the body which needs to be taken care regularly to reduce stress related health problems. A massage to the feet has a overall health benefits due to the nerve endings of major organs are present there.


Not every woman has time to go to a salon and have her hair blow-dried every day.

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